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The Wheat is Being Harvested

The country between the villages as we drive from Pécs to Kaposvár is beautiful, particularly during the summer. The wheat is now being harvested.Wheat Fields near the Villages

This is a picturesque view of the many wheat fields that come very close to the villages. Each village is characterized by a beautiful Hungarian (usually Catholic) church.Fields Surrounding the Church

Because the wheat is being harvested, we saw many rolls of straw waiting to be picked up. As soon as the straw is taken from the field, they immediately plow and prepare the field for the next crop.Rolling the Straw

We keep a close watch on the two stork nests that we see on the drive from Pécs to Kaposvár. Most of the new chicks now have been pushed from the nests, although the ones in the following picture are still living at home (it must be getting a little crowded). Because most of the stork nests are over a road, it must be a scary experience for the chicks to take that first flight …Stork Chicks are Getting Ready to Leave Home

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