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The Storks (Gólya) are Back

We have been wondering when the white storks (féher gólya) would return. They have been gone since it got cold in November. White Storks on a Telephone PoleWe keep watching the two large stork nests as we drive from Pécs to Kaposvár. This is our way of keeping track of the storks. We found out that they spend the winter in sub-Saharan Africa.

The white storks have traditionally built their nests on houses, but have more recently moved to the top of telephone poles or large poles installed by the village. We learned that the stork couples are very loyal to each other and their nests, and return to the nests year after year (some nesting sites are hundreds of years old).  The white stork’s most important habitat is the Carpathian Basin, the area where Hungary, Romania and northern Serbia meet. This is where we now live. About half of the white stork population lives in this area.

These graceful birds seem to be comfortable living among humans, which is good because they bring so many babies (kisbaba) to the people in the villages.

White Stork's Nest

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