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The Missionaries Visit Sümeg Castle

On one day a week, the missionaries have a ‘p’ (preparation) day. This week, we took them to the underground boating cave, which all of the missionaries love, and then over to the Sümeg Castle. We planned to tour the old castle (built in the 1200s), and then attend a medieval show and jousting performance later in the day. After parking the car, we hiked up to the castle.Looking up at the castle from the parking area

The missionaries tried ‘stocking’ with the other visitors in the castle. They did this by locking their legs in the stocks, and when people asked why they were there, they would begin to teach them. This temporarily hampered their ability to tour the castle ruins and teach other investigators, but they still could distribute pass-along cards if anyone dared to get close to them.Hard to do Tracting

When they did get free, they decided to have a little fun with one of the younger missionaries.Having a Little Fun with the 'Greeny'

They then spent some time riding the battering ram, and other ‘medieval toys’.Elders on the Battering Ram

Finally it was time for the medieval performance. They had numerous acts, and many people in full costume involved.Sumeg Performers

The highlight of the evening was the medieval jousting, where knights competed to see who was really best. It was a great day as we experienced how Hungarians lived in the middle ages.Jousting Tournament

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  • Elder Bailey

    I am Elder Walker’s father. It is fun to read about your mission. Our son has expressed gratitude for good people like you who are helping him integrate into mission life. We are also very thankful to you.

    August 12, 2011

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