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The Large Sunflowers are Blooming

As you drive from village to village in Hungary this time of year there are two things happening in the fields: (1) the many, many wheat fields are being harvested, and (2) the numerous fields of  sunflowers are ready to be harvested.Sunflowers

We find the sunflowers to be very interesting.  When we drive in the early morning, after the sun has been up for an hour or two, ALL of the sunflowers are looking in the same direction – toward the rising sun. Toward evening they are looking toward the setting sun.Sunflower

We Googled and found the following: “The sunflower originated in Central America. Young, growing sunflowers show a specific phototropic response known as heliotropism where they orient themselves according to the position of the sun and their orientation often changes from east to west Sister Bailey and Elder Bailey in a Sunflower Fieldduring the day as the sun changes its direction. At night the plants go back to their original position. The daily orientation of flowering heads continue until the plant attains maturity – then the movement stops. Most sunflower plants attain a height between 5 and 10 feet. The scientific literature reports that sunflower plants with a single headed flower have attained heights up to 24 feet in both the Netherlands and Canada.”



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  • Derek

    Great pictures, i really love all the sunflowers! That must have been amazing to see!

    August 8, 2011

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