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Visiting Romania

We obtained permission from our The Impalermission president, President Baughman, to visit Romania while Laura and Derek were visiting.  After waiting at the border for a half hour while they checked our passports, we were able to proceed.

Our goal for the day was to go to Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.  The home of ‘Vlad the Impaler’ (aka Dracula), and other interesting people.  Entering Romania by Car

We drove through many quaint and picturesque villages.Romanian Village

We saw mostly people walking, driving cars and riding bicycles, but there were many old carts being drawn by horses.  When we were in Romania, some of the carts were being used to bring in the hay.  We watched some of the hay fields actually being cut with a scythe.Horse and Wagon in Romania

The traditional Romanian haystack is built firmly around a pole that is placed solidly in the ground. Romania - Haystack

To see how a Romanian haystack is made go here:


We purchased an original watercolor picture of the Romanian haystacks in winter.Watercolor Picture of Haystacks
Dracula’s castle is in a village called Bran.  The village was shrouded in a heavy mist.

Foggy Village of Bran

The 15th century castle, itself, was located high on a hillside.  This is the view from our hotel room.

We purchased an original watercolor picture of the castle.Watercolor Picture of Dracula's Castle

We had breakfast at our cozy hotel, and then went out to explore the village and the castle.Breakfast at Hotel

We entered the castle using a long staircase.  The mysterious woman on the steps had a long knife, and seemed to be ready to use it.  The man was surprised. Sister Bailey stayed at the bottom of the stairs and smiled …Steps into the Castle

There was a secret door that took us into the main living area.  It looked safe enough …Castle Hidden Staircase

There were many rooms.  This was the bedroom.Castle Bedroom

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