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Celebrating the 4th of July in Hungary

This year all of the missionaries in our area were from the United States. So Sister Bailey decided to organize a 4th of July party for them, and she got permission from President Baughman. We included the missionaries from Pécs, Kaposvár, and Dunaújváros. These are the ones that are the closest to us in Pécs.All Missionaries Eating

We began by playing ’round the world’ ping pong. This includes ALL players — each person hits the ball, and then quickly moves to the other side. After you have three misses you are out. The two best players end up having a quick ‘playoff’.All Play 'Round the World' Ping Pong

Sister Bailey had invited each of the companionships to bring certain American foods, such as wieners, buns, barbecued onions, sour kraut, potato chips, etc.  Then we had watermelon, cake, and other deserts.All Eating an American Meal

Sister Bailey made root beer floats. After singing the Stars Spangled Banner (all three versus), with Elder Braman at the piano, we ate (and ate and ate). Later in the day, we played cards, Chinese Checkers and more ping pong.All Eating the American Food


  • Elder and Sister Bailey,
    Thanks for your hospitality and showing us around Pecs. The rest of our trip was wonderful. In addition to Hungary we visited Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria, and Slovakia.

    Thanks again for your hospitality, good luck on the remainder of your mission and a safe return home.

    July 13, 2012
  • Norm and Heather Rollingson

    You 2 wonderful missionaries have do such outstanding things during your service! You are going to be sorely missed. What fun activities you have had and the impact you have had on the Branch members will bless them forever! Enjoy your last few weeks! Hope we get to see you went you come home. let us know when you will be reporting!

    July 6, 2012

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