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Using a Taxi in Hungary

The taxis in Hungary are used for at least three things.  First, like cabs throughout the world, they are used to transport paying customers from one place to another.Using the Taxi

Second, the taxi is used to teach people how to drive. If you want to get your drivers license, you arrange with a taxi driver to let you drive the taxi until you have enough driving hours to take the final test. I don’t think that you can pick up fares while practicing.

Third, and probably the most unique use of a cab, is to transport people to the hospital.  This is primarily for pregnant women who do not own a car.  But the ‘ambulance-taxi’ can be used by anyone that needs to get to the hospital and does not want to call an ambulance.

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  • Gabriella

    Letter T does not stand for taxi but for “tanuló” which is “learner” in Hungarian. Those cars are special cars for driving instructors with an accelerator pedal, brake and clutch on both sides.

    April 17, 2012

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