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Renting a Shopping Cart

All large stores (Tesco, Metro, Prakiter) that we have been to in Hungary have an interesting way of dealing with shopping carts. You select the cart you want, and then insert a 100 forint coin (about 50 cents). When we were new to the country, it was hard to read and understand the sign that showed over the carts (kocsi).Getting a Cart at Tesco

When the coin is properly inserted, the red section of the chain releases, and the cart separates from the other carts.  The cart then can be taken into the store and used for shopping.

After checking-out, and putting the items into your car in the parking lot, you take the cart back to the cart area, and insert the red section of the chain into the slot.  It pushes your coin out, and connects your cart to all of the other carts.Returning the Cart

This clever method encourages all shoppers to return their shopping carts when they have finished using them.


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