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A ‘nyaralo’ is a small piece of property that is owned by a Nyaralo's Vegetable GardenHungarian family.  Usually the family lives in a large town or big city (e.g., Budapest), where they are unable to have a garden.  The owners use the nyaralo as a place in which they can go ‘to get back into the country’, and away from the city life.Sister Bailey at a Nyaralo's Rose Fence

Most of the nyaralo that we have seen (there are several near our apartment) have both a vegetable garden and a flower garden.  They also have a shed that is used for their gardening tools and other supplies.  Most of the properties are surrounded by a high fence to keep thieves out.  Sister Bailey is standing next to a ‘rose-covered fence’ that surrounds one nyaralo.

Many of the ‘sheds’ are more like small cabins, and are frequently used by the family to stay (campout) one or more nights during the summer months.  We see many, many people actively working on these properties.

Elder Bailey at a Nyaralo

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