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Interesting Sights while Walking

Sister Bailey and I walk from 30 minutes to a couple of hours every day but Sunday.  We love the walks through the city square, in the parks and past the stores in Pécs. Occasionally, we see something that really catches our attention. For example, many people in Pécs ride bicycles, so we like to check-out the new bikes that are being sold. Sister Bailey likes the pink one.Bikes for Sale

We only have seen one that looks like this.An Interesting Bike

Another interesting bike (or is this a trike); but this one is motorized.Motorized Bike

We saw the fire department practicing a clever way to get people and pets from a building that is on fire.Escaping from a Burning Building

Also, we saw this dog watching people from his second story window.Dog in the Window

Last December, we were fortunate enough to see Santa Clause climbing on a rope ladder into a window.Santa Claus Going in a Window

Another interesting site was this car that was just a little bit too long for the garage. Maybe the garage was too short …Long Car in the Short Garage

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