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More Baptisms in the Kaposvár Branch

We had two more baptisms in Kaposvár, Farkas Erzsébet and Kulcsár Veronika. They were baptized by Babcsány Péter, a member of the Kaposvár Branch,  and Elder Valesquez. They were baptized in a swimming pool located in a Kaposvár elementary school. About 30 people attended the baptisms.Baptism in Kaposvar

Sister Bailey now has two more sisters in her Relief Society.Two New Relief Society Sisters

Kaposvár in the Spring

In the spring, much of Hungary, including the area around Kaposvár turns yellow. The large yellow fields contain plants that are used to make cooking oil in Europe.Plants used for Making Cooking Oil

The plant reaches its most vivid yellow color in mid-May, and soon will be harvested.

While in Kaposvár, we visited the lady who makes the ceramic figurines of old Hungarian people performing common tasks. Many of the missionaries had us purchase nativity sets for them. We also purchased some figurines for Sister Baughman to give as presents to visiting General Authorities (including Elder Christoferson’s wife).Kaposvar Ceramics

The woman lives with her husband and sons in a typical Hungarian neighborhood.House Where Ceramics are Created

Later in the day, we took the Elders out for pizza.  Elder Leavitt is going home to St. George Utah, and Elder Clark is being transferred.Kaposvar Elders

Helping a Member

Last week, Sister Bailey and I had the opportunity to help a family in the Branch get their passport renewed. The young boy, Istven, was born in Romania and needs to have his passport renewed each year. Unfortunately, the place where it has to be renewed is about 2 1/2 hours away.  The Branch President asked if we could take him and his family. We did.Taking Istvan to Szeged

Theft from Chapel

After activity night with the young adults, everyone had left the Pecs chapel by 8:30 except the four missionaries. They were putting tables away and cleaning up when they heard the front door open and close.

Elder Nielson went to check and found a man standing in the foyer. The man asked if this was a Catholic church, and he was told that it was not. The man left, and Elder Nielson went back into the chapel. A few minutes later, they heard the door and close again. When Elder Judd went to investigate, he noticed that the picture was gone from the wall in the foyer.The Picture on the Wall

Elder Nielson and Elder Judd went out the front door and saw a man carrying the picture down the street. They hollered at him, and he dropped the picture and ran. They chased and caught him.Getting the Picture Back

He explained that he was a Gypsy, and had two children. After making a call to a counselor in the Mission Presidency, they let the man go, and then brought the picture back to the chapel. Both Elders now believe that they are smart enough, fast enough and strong enough to protect all LDS Chapels in Hungary!Able to Catch All Thieves

Elder Schwieger

During our last visit to Budapest, we met and talked Elder Schwieger for the last time before he goes home from his mission. Elder Schwieger was the District Leader over the four missionaries in Pecs when we arrived. He and his companion, Elder Peterson, helped us move in, and showed us how to find the Branch house.Elder Schweiger

In the next transfer, Elder Schwieger was made a Zone Leader in the Budapest area. Two or three transfers later, he became an Assistant to the President, where he served until now. He was an outstanding missionary, and we feel bad about him leaving the mission.

Dance Instruction in Budapest

We took three of our Young Adults to Budapest for a evening of dance instruction and other games with other young adults from throughout Hungary. Sister Bailey and Sister Bagozzi helped to decorate the recreation hall at the Stake Center.Sister Bagozzi and Sister Bailey with Balloons

Brother and Sister Bagozzi, who work in the mission office, helped us in watching the young adults during the evening.YA Dancing

Later in the evening their eyes required assistance to see clearly (maybe their age?).Bagozzi's Helping Young Adults

Branch Talent Show

Each year, the Hungarian Branches (those that are not part of the Stake) each hold a talent show. One of our young adults, Betti, organized the event and was the master of ceremonies. These are this year’s participants:Pecs Talent Night Participants

The talent show in Pecs featured several Branch members, and the four Elders now serving in the Branch. The participants included the Szabadkai sisters (Luca and Lia):Szabadkai Sisters

Our new young adult convert, Laszlo, who read a story he composed:Laszlo Reading a Story

Another one of our young adults, Zita, who showed some of her art projects:Zita Showing Her Art

Finally, the four Elders who performed a highly coordinated modern ‘chair’ dance:Elders Performing a Coordinated Dance Routine

Spring Senior Outing

President and Sister Baughman organized their last Senior Outing in Budapest. We began with a light lunch at the Mission Home, and then had a training session for the next few hours. After dinner, we had fun playing ‘Vampires’. The sisters are shown below:Senior Sisters in the Hungarian Mission

Here are the Elders:Senior Elders in the Hungarian Mission

For dinner, we all walked to a Hungarian restaurant.Eating at Senior Outing

During our meal they played Gypsy music.Gypsy Orchestra for Entertainment

The waiters looked very Hungarian with their large moustaches.Eating Out in Budapest

The next morning, we visited a large Jewish Synagogue in Budapest.Budapest's Jewish Synagogue

Hungary had a population of 800,000 Jews prior to World War II. During the war, about 600,000 Jews were killed by the Nazis in Hungary — the names of many of them are on each leaf of this tree sculpture in a garden behind the Synagogue.Sculpture Tree of Names

It was an enjoyable two days, and gave us all the chance to get to know each other better. Later in the day, we had a late lunch at this outdoor restaurant. Eating Out on the Streets in Budapest

Vivian’s Baptism in Kaposvár

On April 28, 2012, Vivian was baptized in a swimming pool in Kaposvár. There were many people at the baptism, including her mother and sister.Baptism in Kaposvar

She was baptized by Elder Jackson who used to serve in Kaposvár, and is now a Zone Leader.Vivian in Kaposvar with Elder Jackson

Visiting Teaching in Kaposvár

Sister Bailey has four sisters Margit and Erwinthat she visit teaches in Kaposvár. We drive for over an hour to Kaposvár one Lilla is Her Hometeaching CompanionSaturday a month for visiting teaching. Sister Bailey drops me off at the chapel, and then she drives to pickup her visiting teaching companion (Lilla – on left). Fortunately Lilla speaks fairly good English.

It takes almost an hour to drive to her first visit (Margit – shown on the right), and then another 45 minutes to the second sister (Eva – shown outside her home in the picture below). Her final visit is back in Kaposvár at Gezsinéni and Eta’s apartment. The visiting teaching program in new in this area of Hungary.Visiting Teach Eva

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