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We have seen several archaeological digs taking place in and around Szombathely.  We learned that all new construction requires the archaeologists to confirm that they are not building on old Roman ruins.  The land for a large apartment building near our apartment had several people working under the direction of an archaeologist for about a week.  We suspected that it was not the regular construction workers when we saw them cleaning the site with brooms. The building site now appears to be ready for construction.Archaeological Site


Roman Ruins Seen Under a Bank’s Floor

Hungary requires any new building, new road, or any new construction to have the site first evaluated by an archaeologist to ensure that old Roman ruins are preserved.  One downtown bank in Szombathely found 2,000 year-old Roman ruins as they were digging the foundation.Brenda Looking thru the Bank's Glass Floor

They preserved the ruins ‘in-place’ by putting in a glass floor so that while standing in the bank you can see the old Roman road beneath your feet.Looking down through the Floor

You go into the bank and look down through the glass floor.  You can see the remains of an old Roman road, and an entry into a dwelling.  The road surface is about eight feet below the bank’s floor.Old Roman Column up through the Glass Floor

They have extended one old column from the Roman road surface, up through the bank’s floor, and up to the bank’s ceiling.Roman Column in a Bank


Blossoms in Hungary

Looking out our kitchen window, we see many blossoms.  Hungary has many fruit trees, and is beautiful this time of year.


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