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We have four Family Picture - Adults in 2011sons, two daughters-in-law, 11 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.We have lived in Utah for the past 16 years (since 1995).  Prior to that, we lived in New Jersey for 25 years (1970 to 1995), where we raised our family.

Salt Lake TempleWe started our married life in Utah, where we were married in the Salt Lake Temple.  We then moved to Nevada (2 years), then to California (4 years) and finally New Jersey.  In 1974-76, we lived in Texas for two and half years while Bob completed his Ph.D. degree at Rice University, and Brenda completed her education at the University of Houston.  Three of our four sons have completed college degrees: one has a Bachelors degree, another has two Masters degrees, and one has a Ph.D.

Grandma and BoysOur oldest son, Chad and his wife, Amelia have one boy (age8) whose name is Carlin.  James has one boy (age8) whose name is Garett. Skip and Shauna have nine children, ranging in age from 4 to 28.  The five youngest still live at home: Mary, Eliza, Phoebe, Samuel and Sally.  Kaitlin is now attending BYU-Idaho.  Their three oldest daughters are married: Sarah to David, Julianne to Austin, and Laura to Derek.

Skip-Shaunas Family

Bob’s father is 100-years old, and is still alert and active.  We love to show these pictures of him mountain climbing when he was a few years younger.Bob's 99-Year Old Father

After working for Lockheed AircraftBrenda-Bob on ATVs with Grand-daughters Corporation (California) and Bell Laboratories (New Jersey), Bob started his own computer consulting and training company in 1982, where he worked (with Brenda doing the bookkeeping) until retiring in 2011.

Brenda was an officer in the Utah Symphony guild.  Also, we enjoyed having season tickets to the Utah Jazz basketball games, the Utah Symphony, and Ballet West.

Our family likes to ride all terrain vehicles (ATVs) in the summer.

We love vacations and exploring.  As soon as we could afford to “go someplace,” we went.  Our first vacation after marriage was a trip to Yellowstone Park with our neighbors, who were fellow-students.  Since then we have tried to have some exciting new experience each year.  We have visited together all 50 of the United States, and 61 foreign countries.Vacation Pictures

Prior to our mission to Hungary, we were ordinance workers in the Draper Temple, which was a wonderful experience.  When living in Sandy, we attended the Dimple Dell Park ward.

Although we do not ski as much as we used to, over the past several years we have enjoyed skiing with our sons and our grand-daughters in Utah, Pennsylvania and Austria.



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